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swpt_sch5AklHPosté 25/10/2020

Introduction: 1.Pulverizing-disc structure, resulting in high capacity.? 2.High separating efficiency.?3.Main shaft bearing air cooled.?4.Quick changing of pulverizing knifes.?5.Granulation adjustable by aspiration air.?6.Fineness from 60-200 meshes.?7.Silencer (option) reducing noise.?8.Special feeder for difficult products.?9.Inspection door with security switch for changing the wear parts. The Main Purpose and Scope of Application Vertical Milling Machine is one of the most important equipment special feed mills which effectiveness Directly affects the quality of compound feed, yield and cost.SWFL110,SWFL130 are Suitable for large and medium-sized special feed mills,especially suitable for fine crushing of shrimp feed,eel feed, turtle feed, small animal feed. Features of SWFL Series Vertical Shaft Pulverizer Machine This machine is compared with the previous micro pulverizer, has the following,advantages: 1.Compact structure, small land occupation, its built-in centrifugal air separator; 2.Granularity is adjustable, the material temperature rise is low, its centrifugal shear, wind separation; 3. The little vibration, low noise, and its several main parts subject to dynamic balance test; 4.Some of the superfine grinding can be performed,End of the blade high linear velocity,By air or separation control; 5.The machine adopts stepless speed regulating motor to spiral feed evenly.The user can according to the different material of crushing, easy to find a best feeding speed. Crushing Process of SWFL Series Vertical Shaft Pulverizer Machine When the machine work ,material is not more than 1 mm diameter.By stepless variable speed motor and belt drive,the material is fed into the crushing chamber evenly with appropriate flow.Under the impact of the blade,materials become granules which at high speed to fly to tooth plate,then collided.Then with the tooth plate collided again to make a further crushing small particle materials.At the same time, also produces mutual friction, collision between material to achieve fine particles.Through the suction fan,particles are classified.Fine particles enter the cyclone and pulse dust collector by the wind at the classifier. [url][/url]