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3D Printed Dinosaur Model
To perfectly reflect the skin texture, we recommended using our large-format DLP 3D printer and setting a layer thickness of 0.025mm, so it takes quite a long period to complete printing correspondingly. Also, the painting process is quite time-consuming. Our painters cooperated to brush it, trying their best to represent all the details. [url][/url]

It all started with a tiny spark of inspiration when founders Edi and Seven were at military university in 2015, after hearing about the 3D printer's capability and potential in and manufacturing and product development, they started a workshop with 2 FDM printers . The wheel of creation started spinning and not so long after, they realized the limits of 3D printing, and formed a company, Makeit Technology aims to provide comprehensive manufacuturing technologies such as SLA, SLS and FDM. Things went fast after that. Makeit Technology has started evolving itself. At 2015, Makeit Technology co-founded a comprehensive 3D printing facility in Shenzhen, Guanggong with industry grade SLA, and FDM 3D printers, soon another facility in Suzhou was built to add SLS and CJP 3D Printing process to the family. At 2016, after realizing the limits of 3D printing, CNC machining and sheet fabrication has joined forces along with a new facility located in Dongguan. The capabilities expanded to cover more complex mechanical request. At 2017, FF3DM, the predecessor of FacFox was established, aiming at the on-demand manufacturing market, the unique business model combining multiple optimized solution and automated collaborative workflow with high efficiency was built right for customers who has customized products in demand. FF3DM worked as a central hub with its intelligence and verstaill capacity to reallocate manufacturing resources in most efficient way.
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