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FDSP made machinery wood debarker for log
The FDSP Rotary Debarker is an innovative development in debarking technology employing a combination of mechanical abrasion and log-to log contact to efficiently remove bark from logs of all shapesand species. Features of wood debarker: 1. Cleanly debarked logs with minimal fibre loss 2. Debarking knives are arranged in screw type, with high debarking efficiency. 3. Equipped with belt conveyor at the bottom of wood debarker, which is set to collect and convey barks. 4. Separated type side board, which makes maintenance more convenience. 5. Can be customized according to raw material diameter and length. 6. Continuous operation allowed. 7. Hydraulic opening gates are available according to technological process. 8. CE certificated Applications: Widely used in MDF plant, paper factory, wood pellet plant, OSB plant, pulp industry etc. Structure Features: 1.If use the open silos, can feed from one side and discharge from the other side, Avoid the existing roller peeling machine feeding/discharging without power, Make sure the high efficiency. 2. Due to the teeth segments impact to wooden, not only make the wood log do circular motion , and rotating around its own. So the peeling efficiency will be very high, Especially for cold, dry and hard skinned species wood log will has a good peel net rate. 3. Widely adaptability, The machine can handle different species, diameter, length and shape wood log. Due to the wood log irregular beating do rotary movement during peeling, so even curved recess parts on the wood logs can also be touched with teeth very well. Therefore, bending wood log can be peeled very well than other machines.. 4. Due to the machine is stationary, the energy consumption will be very small, failure rate will be very low. And maintenance workload is small as well. Vibration and noise will be much lower than the drum peeling machine, The wood debarker can work directly, even without the base installation, easy operation. [url][/url]

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